Nobody Ever Told Me I'd Have to Train my Dog!  

I always wanted a dog.  The year is 1974 and my parents had already resisted getting me a dog for years.  I don't think either one of them were what we would call dog people.  And as adults, we know that having a dog is a big responsibility and money was tight.

Back to that first dog that showed up at my home.  It wasn't like they planned to get me a dog, it was more like a rescue situation.  Anyhow, she was home and I had a dog.  She was a big red, Irish Setter dog and I thought she was perfect.  

She was so happy she would jump on everybody nearly all the time.  She was so happy and so jumpy hardly anyone could stand her jumping behavior.  I didn't have a clue about what to do, but it was time to start training my new dog Red!

I was having fun and Red was too!  I loved watching her run and play in the back yard.  She could run so fast, and sometimes she would run full blast right at me.  I thought that was great, but then I started to notice a difference between when she was playing and when I needed her.  I would called her to me and she didn't come to me like I was hoping she would. Something was different, something felt wrong.

It left me feeling puzzled.  We were playing and getting along so well and moments later she wouldn't listen to something so simple.  

I didn't know how, but I knew there must be a way to help my dog learn to really come to me and do it consistantly.  I started reading dog training books and practcing what I had read.  Some of the dog training seemed to work, but not as well as I was hoping. I wanted better results from my dog training efforts, I wanted better!