Puppy Training - Training Puppies is a priviledge.  

  Training puppies is about introducing a puppy to everything!  Everything is fresh and new.  There is an adventure around every corner. A puppy sees a bug, or a stick or a leaf, or a leaf blowing accros the ground.  Puppies attention all too often shift from what we are trying to teach as quickly as the leaf accros the grass.

     For instance, we are teaching a puppy something like sit.  We create the drill in such a way as to have a puppy engage in the act of sitting at the very moment we tell him to sit.  Here we are helping him connect the dots so that we make that simple task of sitting happen as we say Sit, and a springtime butterfly floats past.  Don't know about you, but my 7 week old pup just got distracted.  

     Want to make learning fast and easy?  Suppose you learned how a professional dog trainer breaks down an exercise.  Do you think it would make it much easier for your dog to understand what you want?

     What would you say is the single biggest problem you're having with your puppy?

Louis Brentnell